[Hiatus Update] ThanKYU STAFF Twitter Site Update [19.11.14]

@ThanKYU_STAFF 이쁜이들 잘살고있나 지켜보고있다! S.O.S 나를구해줘도 많이 지켜보아주세요오오오 빠빠이용 다들 보고싶다 !! by.규종 http://pic.twitter.com/xbVi2uxmdS

[Trans] @ThanKYU_STAFF Are all Pretties doing well? I’m watching you! Pleaseeee watch (support) “S.O.S Please save me”. Byebyeoong I miss you all!! By. KyuJong

Credit: @ThanKYU_STAFF
Translated by @xiaochu1004

Double your Voting For The Leader “Kim Hyun Joong”

Originally posted on 김현중_ kim hyun joong:

Attention Please !! Most of you know that we are voting for the leader to make him win with “Yahoo BUZZ” award .. It’s a very important thing for all of us .. we have to show him that we still believing in him .. He always makes us happy .. and we have to say thank you .. This award will mean a lot for him and for each of us as well .. The last few years he won with this award .. but this year and after all what happened with him .. he has to know that all of us still here for him (supporting & loving) him ..

Our voting “dropping” everyday .. because everyone doing that as a duty and in a separate time .. But we have to get in groups and vote together to show our love to the leader .. We…

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[Hiatus Update] Park Jung Min Weibo Update [11.11.14]

11월11일!! 오늘을 한국에서는 빼빼로데이라고 해요, 사랑하는 사람에게 마음을 담아 선물을 전하는 날^^ 여러분을 사랑하는 마음을 가득 담아~~ 빼빼로 대신 셀카 선물 올립니다^^

Auto translate to chinese by uri Jung Min xD
11月11日!韩国的今天是巧克力棒节日,是向爱的人送上能够表达心意的礼物的日子~ 没有巧克力棒,只能向大家送上我的自拍照当礼物啦^0^

[Trans] Nov.11th!! Today’s the Pepero Day in Korea, a day to express one’s heart to the beloved^^ With everyone’s heart~~I don’t have Pepero now but one shot from me instead as a gift to everyone^^

Credit: JungMin’s weibo
English Translate by Joanne from 朴政珉吧_allforpjm