[Anniversary] SS501 10th Years Anniversary [08.06.15]


Happy 10th years anniversary to SS501!

May there is another 20.. 30.. years to come!

I might not knowing them for 10years but only for 3years, the feel of know them 3 years are like 10 years to me!

Do remember to trend #10YearsWithSS501 to show our support to all 5 members!

I saw Kyu’s update a very short video and photo of him with Hyung Jun and Young Saeng!! I’m not free to update here right now.. Will update when i’m free later! Or can visit Kyu’s official facebook page! :)

[Birthday] Happy Birthday To Kim Hyun Joong [06.06.15]


Today is uri HyunJoong Leader birthday!

Saenglichukkaehae oppa! Wishing u stay healthy always, happy always, never let anything bad affected you.

i’m waiting for u to complete your military and hope to see the smile of yours again just like the photo above! The sweet smile of u. Our promise to u is to wait for u and never leave u, and we going to make it! Because a promise is a promise just like u tell us to believe in u just enough!

#HappyHyunJoongDay #Happy30thKHJ

[Update/Article] Heo Young Saeng Currently Looking into Signing with CI Entertainment [03.06.15]

Heo Young Saeng is currently in the middle of contract negotiations with CI Entertainment.

On June 3, CI Entertainment told Newsen, “We′re currently positively meeting with Heo Young Saeng regarding his contract. Around the time of his discharge, the decision on his contract is expected to come out. The company is actively recruiting and Heo Young Saeng is said to be positively looking over it.”

“If the contract does get signed, we plan on support Heo Young Saeng in all aspects from singing to acting.”

Heo Young Saeng Currently Looking into Signing with CI Entertainment

CI Entertainment currently houses Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan and former SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun, actress Jeon So Min, and more. If Heo Young Saeng signs with CI Entertainment, he will be reuniting with Kim Hyung Jun.

Heo Young Saeng debuted in 2005 in the group SS501, showing his talent as a vocalist. He enlisted in the Seoul Police PR Team in October of 2013. He will be discharged on July 30.

Photo Credit: Newsen

Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/93504/heo-young-saeng-currently-looking-into-signing-with-ci-entertainment

[Update/Article] Kim Hyun Joong′s Father Claims Son′s Ex-Girlfriend′s Family Denied Pregnancy [03.06.15]

Kim Hyun Joong’s father, Kim, has claimed that the family members of Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend denied her pregnancy last year.

On June 3, the preparatory proceeding for the damage lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong, filed by the ex-girlfriend claiming 1,600 million won, was held. Attention was drawn to Kim Hyun Joong’s parents who showed up at court.

Kim Hyun Joong′s Father Claims Son′s Ex-Girlfriend′s Family Denied Pregnancy

After the preparatory proceedings, Kim met reporters and showed strong suspicion to the ex-girlfriend’s claim of pregnancy last year saying, “Even her family said her pregnancy is not true.”

Kim stated, “Her parents were the ones who showed resentment toward their daughter’s claim of pregnancy.”

Meanwhile, during the proceedings, both parties continued to make opposing claims to the issues of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer stated, “The ex-girlfriend’s side did not submit any particular evidence to prove last year’s pregnancy. Her medical report stating four months of amenorrhea is not a proof of pregnancy.”

Kim’s lawyer continued, “The opposing side claimed to have submitted text messages between the ex-girlfriend and Kim Hyun Joong as evidence; however, they still cannot verify her pregnancy. We are waiting for the OB/GYN to reply to check the facts.”

To this, the ex-girlfriend’s lawyer stated “We are submitting evidence that will objectively verify her pregnancy. We cannot reveal the specifics but we have data to refute Kim Hyun Joong’s claim.” He also answered that he thinks the lawsuit cost of 1,600 million won is a reasonable amount to those who asked.

Both Kim Hyun Joong, who is currently serving in the military, and the ex-girlfriend did not appear on the court on the day.

Photo Credit: Enews DB

Credit: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/93558/kimhyunjoongs-father-claims-the-ex-girlfriends-family-denied-pregnancy

[FA] 2015 Kim Kyu Jong Fanmeeting in Tokyo ‘Fine, ThanKYU’


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Found a Chinese fan sharing her FA after the fanmeeting and I shall share in English^^

FA shared by G33被晗晗迷得不要不要的@weibo + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits.

FM两个小时,歌曲,游戏,互动,整首唱了五首歌,有日文,有韩文,安可又加歌,SS501的胆小鬼,snow prince,dejavu,song for you,love like this的mix版,之前的五首里面有日文歌「星空」,没看够,我要去研究一下明天那场票还能买么[泪][泪][泪]今天满席[拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]

FM duration 2 hours, songs, games, interactions, full songs he sang 5 pieces, Jap songs, Kor songs, added songs during encore, medley of SS501’s Coward, Snow Prince, Deja Vu, Song For You, Love Like This. There’s ‘Hoshizora’ as one of the 5 full songs he sang. Full house today.


KJ talked a lot today, when he talked about a Jap word he learnt recently [kabe don] he said he didn’t do it before, then through the big screen he gave it a try, he said it looks like being drunk, then said he is not like that, Leader will be like that when he gets drunk, and even imitate Leader’s drinking speed, Kyu…

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[Update/Message] My Message For Kim Hyun Joong [13.05.15]

My Message for Kim Hyun Joong

See you in 2017! Praying and hoping everything will get back to normal after 2 years! This 2 years, please take care and stay healthy also stay happy always!

Thanks for bringing me to know this awesome group SS501
Thanks for being my sweet guy Jihoo sunbae in Boys Over Flower
Thanks for being korea version of Itazurana Kiss IQ200 Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss
Last but not least Thanks for being Shin Jung Tae inInspiring Generation

See you soon! #NeverLeaveKHJ #WaitingForKHJ