[Update/Photo] Kim Hyung Jun sent a Lovely Bouquet to Kim Hyun Joong for his Gemini Encore Today [18.02.15]

Aww….!!! 2HJ feels!!! That was so sweet of our maknae, sent this lovely bouquet for HJL Gemini encorn today!!! SS501 feels, 2HJ feels!

Anything for his favorite hyung! SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun sent this lovely bouquet to Kim Hyun Joong for his Gemini Encore today.
credits: @loving_khj


[Update/Greeting] Happy Lunar New Year 2015 From SS501ForeverBest [18.02.15]

Photo credit: ChoisCoffee崔逸斯

Annyeong Pretties!!!! Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon! So… That mean 2014 is officially leaving soon and 2015 is coming soon (in chinese calendar) in few hours time!

SS501ForeverBest is here to wish all Pretties and also those who celebrates Chinese New Year a Happy Advance Lunar New Year to all ! Wishing all stay healthy and prosperity throughout the whole 2015!!!!! =D

[Update/Project] Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday Project by The F4 Princes [18.02.15]

Annyeong Pretties, I’m here to share a birthday project done by The F4 Princes. Hoping all Pretties can join in the project for our Triple S President – Kim Kyu Jong! ThanKYU all!

Project by: https://www.facebook.com/TheF4Princes

And this is for all the die-hard fans of SS501! smile emoticon

heart emoticon #KimKyuJongOppa’s Birthday is coming up and we are gearing up to celebrate his Birthday!!!!! grin emoticon The teddy bear guy of SS501 band is cute and adorable! kiss emoticonThe way he carries himself, the way he presents himself in front of his fans! We all love it! heart emoticon

So, on 24th February, 2015 we all will be celebrating his birthday! smile emoticon

For the fans: If you want me, to display your messages, collages made for him across the fan page, drop me a mail at: thef4princes@gmail.com
You can even write an article, poem, facts about him, even videos made for him (videos made by you for him and if you want to share it with all the fans) and drop your message at the above given mail id. You can even drop a message at: https://www.facebook.com/TheF4Princes

Last day of receiving messages and mails is 21st February, 2015. (Time: 23:59 as per Indian Standard Time)
Afterwards any message or mail received will only be posted directly on the fan page, but wont be included in video! Don’t worry, your message will definitely be posted! smile emoticon

Don’t post anything on the fan page! Just drop a mail or a message on either of the above mail id or fan page respectively!

I will upload your messages, collages, anything and everything and at last will make a video out of it! The admins of SS501 Fan Pages and Kim Kyu Jong Fan Pages are helping me with this event! We all are making an effort to make this day a memorable one for him! grin emoticon heart emoticon kiss emoticon

heart emoticon #HeoYoungSaeng#YES#ParkJungMin#Kazok#KimHyungJun#JUNUS#KimKyuJong#ThanKYU#KimHyunJoong#Henecia kiss emoticon

#TheF4Princes#TripleS#SS501#SuperstarSingerFiveMembersUnitedAsOneForever kiss emoticon

[Update] Kim Hyung Jun – To Cameo In Drama ‘Dream Knight’ Of Episode 6 – “Junior~ Junior~~” [12.02.15]

<Dream Knight(드림나이트)> 6부 카메오 – ‘김형준’
“주니어야~ 주니어~~”

그가 지오티 주니어를 애타게 찾는 이유는?!
6부에서 확인하세요 =D

#김형준 #주니어 #유겸 #뱀뱀 #드림나이트

[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun will be appearing on the episode 6 of ‘Dream Knight’ -“Junior~ junior~~”

Credit: Dream Knight

[Update/Photo] Kim Kyu Jong – Kim Kyu Jong Instagram Photo Update On (11.02.15) [12.02.15]

“This coming saturday, i almost forgot! It was uri Kyu’s Valentine’s Day Fan-meeting !!!! Hoping i can sit down in front of the computer to updates photos and videos!!! I’m excited, are u all too? ^^”

@hyundarella501 : [Trans] kim kyu jong Instagram update
MEET ~ hehe See you at our Saturday yo yo yo ~
jdream_kyujong : 쨘~ ㅎㅎ 우리 토요일에 만나요요요~

Credit: Kyu Jong’s Instagram, Translated by @hyundarella501

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