[Update] [Interview] Park Jung Min Says He Wants to Love

[Interview] Park Jung Min Says He Wants to Love

Park Jung Min is so lonely; he′s hoping to meet someone and get married soon.

In an interview with enews, Park Jung Min opened up about his recent album and also about his love life. He has been promoting his first new single in 22 months, Beautiful.

The singer said, “I actually want to get married soon, but I have no one to marry. I have to find someone quickly.”

He then added, “I thought often this year that I want to start seeing someone.”

Park Jung Min was busy this year with preparations for his new album and with promotions in Japan, and because of this he didn′t have time to find anyone.

“I want to be in a relationship, but since [when I′m busy] I can′t take good care of my lover, I want to meet her when I can take responsibility,” he said. “I′ve loved someone before, but I was always sorry because I was so busy. I want to meet a good person and take care of her when I′m more ready for it.”

He also commented, “I′m so happy I′m promoting in Korea for the first time in a while. It′s already been eight years since my debut. I′ll work hard to show off new parts of myself by being active in a variety of areas, such as acting or musicals.”

Photo credit: Yamaha A&R

Cr. http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/22901


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