[Video] 【2013 X’mas LIVE in Tokyo】ジョンミンメッセージ

【パクジョンミン2013 X’mas LIVE in Tokyo】  
日時:2013/12/15(日) 2回公演
◆昼公演 14:00開場/15:00開演
◆夜公演 18:00開場/19:00開演

会場:メルパルク東京 メルパルクホール

Video Cr. L.B ENT

Eng trans based on Jp sub on the screen:

To all Japanese, good afternoon, good morning, good evening.
This is me and Jeomreah
Have you been fine?
I’ve been fine.
especially x’mas gift for all!
I’ve been busy at preparing x’mas gift for all of you guys these days.
I’m thinking that I want to give this gift to all at the concert on Dec.15th in Japan.
Don’t you think so~? Let’s send (the message) together. (with Jeomreah)
I want to tell you all at the concert on Dec.15th in Japan.
How would be the gift? I guess you would be fine (be cheered up).
I’ll give you some tips.
There would be a dance performance, and special guest!
The guy who i and you also want to meet!
The guy would be on the stage.
So please look forward to that.
Except that, i’ve been preparing a lot of special gifts to you.
Wish we would be able to meet soon!
Well, all of you, please look forward to x’mas party together with PJM this year too.
All of you, please be careful of catching a cold, and come to see PJM with fine condition.
Then Merry Christmas♪
Let’s have fun together!

credits: Luna Jun


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