[Update] English translate of Young Saeng letter to Triple S and Y.E.S

This is translated from chinese by YourS_许永生咨询饭团. I apologise if there are any errors cause of translation from korean to chinese to eng. But I tried to get the meaning of the sentences.

To TripleS and Y.E.S Fan:
Firstly, I am very healthy! ke~ and received a lot of letters form the Internet, thank you everyone…. looks like I am still unable to finish reading the letters one by one, everyone maybe worried…(some term for the leader) needs to print out so many letters before distributing, this takes abit of time, I will finish reading everything!! Keke~

Importantly, cold… I came in with a cold initially and it took 3-4 weeks to recover~~ So its T^T BUt breathing in the fresh army air while training, there’s no problem! Secondly, because I am shy, everyone seems to be worried…In the army, everyone is equal, the relationship between the army members are already very good, living very interestingly~ and the dongsengs are all very obedient~ Much thanks to them~^^

Thirdly, having to undergo training, everyone seems especially worried…there is no reason what others can do, I cannot do~Ke~Just~ a little bit of dislike for exercising! Ke~ But who doesn’t like resting~ Because I belong to the type who dislike exercising~^^ 

Fourthly, Rice~~~ Psy sunbae mentioned before in a broadcast, very delicious…in fact, it was nicer than what I had imagined~!~Ke~ So, I didn’t managed to lose much fats…T^T

From the first letter, the letters from overseas, letters wishing me a happy birthday, letters for first anniversary… I am very grateful for all the letters

During the next 21 months, everyone work hard in your own area! As time passes…the next time to meet, hopefully wouldn’t be awkward/shy, hope to meet everyone uprightly! Do not give up on your dreams~ you must accomplish it!! ^^ Fighting!!

(im not sure about the trans for this but is his team no)…soldier 202)
Leader of (Im not sure which position exactly) Heo Young Saeng

Translated by http://drunkenluv.tumblr.com/day/2013/11/18


2 thoughts on “[Update] English translate of Young Saeng letter to Triple S and Y.E.S

  1. Thank u so much for translating…..hope oppa is well….pls let me know were to write letters in englisg pls i m a big fan of ss501 from india……pls help me

    • Thankyu, it wasn’t translated by me.. Credit was tagged on the post..

      I can give u the address for sending letters to Young Saeng at the military training center, but i not sure if he can understand english 🙂

      Here the address below

      충남 논산시 연무읍 죽평리 사서함 76-9호
      25교육연대 11중대 4소대 202훈련병 허영생

      Follow the address above if u want to sent letters to him! This is all i can help, hope it really help u! ^^

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