[Update] Heo Young Saeng writes a handwritten letter for his fans to update them on his life in the army

Heo Young Saeng writes a handwritten letter for his fans to update them on his life in the army

Singer Heo Young Saeng, who is currently serving in the army, personally wrote a letter for his fans that was uploaded onto his official homepage in the form of a picture.

He had written:

“I am healthy. Also, thank you for the numerous internet letters. I worry that I may not be able to read all of them. The squad leader printed out all the dozens of letters so I read them when I have the time.

First of all, colds. Usually, when I get a cold, it lasts for three to four weeks. So still, I cough. Regardless, I go through training while drinking in the clear air so there are no big problems . . . Secondly, many people are worried because I am shy around strangers, but I got close to my squad members two days in so I am having a fun and happy time. Also, the younger ones follow me well so I am very grateful.

Thirdly, I can do the training that everyone else does. It is just that I hate exercising a bit. However, it is the rule that anyone likes rest as much as or more than moving. Fourthly, food. As Psy said on air, the food is tasty. Looks like I won’t be losing weight easily.

During the period of twenty-one months, I hope everyone does their best wherever they are and that when it comes for us to meet again, I hope to see all of you as dignified rather than timid people. Dreams come true no matter what as long as you do not give up on them. Fighting.”

Undoubtedly, fans were very moved and touched that he spent his time reading their letters, writing his own to update them on his army life, and giving such kind words of inspiration. He will be discharged after 21 more months of service!

Cr. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/heo-young-saeng-writes-a-handwritten-letter-for-his-fans-to-update-them-on-his-life-in-the-army#axzz2lr03vyss


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