[Update] Kim Kyu Jong Twitter site update

@2kjdream 이쁜이들 잘 지내고있나요 ?!  금요일밤이네 ~ 이적 선배님의 ‘이십년이 지난 뒤’ 를 듣는데 보고싶은 많은 사람들이생각나네요^^ 정말좋네요.. 오늘밤에 다같이 듣자♥ 이쁜이들 ~ 다들 보고싶다 감기 조심하고 웃으며 금요일밤 보내자아아~안녕 ~♥


@2kjdream Pretties are you fine?!  It’s Friday night~I hear to Lee Jok seniors said ‘After 20 years ‘that I remember I’ve a lot of people that I want to see I think it’s so nice. .. Let’s hear together tonight everyone♥pretties~ I miss you everyone plz becareful to catch a cold hot babe would like to see these guys be careful and spend time with smile on Friday night ah ~ bye ~ 

Translated by @CTD08


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