[Update] Park Jung Min Twitter site update (1)

@JungMin0403 어제 DSP fes응원해주신분들 너무감사드립니다~^^ 함께한 선,후배님들과 스탭분들도 넘 감사드려요~^^ 같이 찍은 사진이 난 하나도없네~!아쉬운대로~! 어제 검색어까지 올라가 몰라보게 달라진 외모 투척!ㅋ pic.twitter.com/tH9xnYqGnU


@JungMin0403 Really thank you to everyone who supported DSP Fes yesterday~^^ also very thank you to my seniors, juniors and staffs who were there together~^^ I don’t have any of the group photos~! As such~! Here’s a pic of me changed beyond recognition, even the search words kepy going up (position)! Ke 

Translated by @xiaochu1004


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