[Article] Remember this pretty boy? It’s shocking how he looks like now

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Actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong recently revealed his determination to shed his ‘flower boy’ image.

On January 9, at a press conference for KBS’s upcoming drama “Age of Feeling,” Kim Hyun Joong said, “Previously, my ‘flower boy’ image really stood out, but in this drama, I really went for a more macho look. I feel like I’m learning about masculinity when I’m filming. I’m 29, and I think I’m becoming more mature.”

According to a Soompi report, Kim Hyun Joong plays the fierce fighter Shin Jung Tae, known for his exceptional speed and agility.

“Age Of Feeling” is a new romantic noir that tells the story of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ‘romantic fists’ in the 1930s, shot on a grand scale with intricate action. The first episode will air on January 15, and will follow the end of “Beautiful Man,” which seems fitting.


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