[Update] [LIVE REPORT] Park Jung Min in concert in Paris!

[LIVE REPORT] Park Jung Min in concert in Paris!

As you probably know, last night took place the concert of Park Jung Min / Romeo at Divan du Monde in Paris , as part of its REVERSO TOUR organized by B7klan (Torpedo Production). The first concert took place last night in Dortmund (Germany), one of Paris marks the second . It will complete the tour in Moscow on February 3.

Arrived around 17:30, a crowd was already waiting to be able to enter the room. Given the ability of the Divan, it surely can not expect a tail extending over 500m as for INFINITE. Regarding the room, she had only spaces pit. Throwing glances from time to time, the pit seemed rather quiet, but you can contradict me if I’m wrong! The small size of the room did not embarrassed at all the concert, quite the contrary. atmosphere was great , rather “intimate”, and safety barriers have been removed, the fans were closer to the artist . Many had already made a short tour by the stand of goodies at the entrance, which sold posters, photo sets, t-shirts and lightsticks. At 7:15 p.m. began the first part of the concert, starring Choi Min Soo . Pianist began as a boxer, before dedicating himself entirely to music. He has already released two albums and has had the opportunity to perform in France for a tour. To find out: He played 5 songs, 4 classic and he composed himself , asking us to imagine “snow, wind and blizzard.” It has a more rock style, and plays perfectly (although I am not a benchmark pianist …). The audience seemed packed and has not failed to support him throughout his part! I enjoyed his personal style is a great discovery. After leaving the stage, a video appeared on the big screen. It was a montage of video , photos and messages to encourage fans of Park Jung Min . I found this very cute video, and I think that the singer had to appreciate to receive so many messages of support from his European fans. Park Jung Min finally appeared on stage, to the delight of all his fans who all turned their green lightsticks! S on concert was divided into two parts: the first part was handled by Romeo, and the second by Park Jung Min . He began by Japanese songs, including ” Give me your heart . ” I can not give you an exact tracklist, but he alternated between his Japanese and Korean titles, such as the famous ” Beautiful “and” Not Alone “, but the song he composed for the Rainbow,” Kiss . ” To the delight of fans of SS501, he performed several songs of the group, including ” Song For You “. I can tell you that I was very very happy to hear that. He also sang the OST for the drama Empress Ki ” Lost , “which he normally performs with Kim Hyung Joon (he did not fail to note just before he was ugly, with “no good” – I want to clarify that I am not absolutely agree with him). Multiple video transitions allowed Park Jung Min change his clothes very quickly. I want to point out that the VCR was made entirely by VJ Julien Torpedo Production ! I was surprised to hear that these videos were not made by the team of singer but by the organizer himself, because as you can see through these videos of two of the VCR, they are well done (I think for me anyway!) The singer spoke several times during the concert, do not tease the missing translator who stumbled over the words when translated. He also liked to repeat what he said in French, it was cute with his Korean accent. He obviously said “classic hello “,” I love you “and” I’m beautiful , “and less traditional” pig “and” pig “used to designate ^ ^. He seemed to be very close to his dancers too, who danced remarkably well! I can assure you it is given to 200% from the beginning to the end of the concert. He said, I was overwhelmed all the time together! I’m really impressed. I left with a smile. I confess that I had dropped the young man after his solo debut. But through the concert, he was able to make me all the songs he interpreted love, and I listen to loop now regretting not having listened earlier! The concert lasted 1:30, but I think the length was perfect, neither too short nor too long. If he comes back in France again (as we promised), I certainly do not miss the concert! 


via The ParkJungMin FC


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