[Update/Photo] ParkJungMinOfficial Facebook site update [01.02.14]

오늘 유럽 투어 콘서트 첫 출발!! 도르트문트!! 독일 친구들도, 또 여러곳에서 와준 친구들도 너무 고마웠어요! 감동이야!! 또 보고싶을꺼야!! 어떻게 참지??!!! 하나하나 얼굴 다 기억할께!! Danke~Tchuss~^^

[Eng Trans] “Today is the first con of my Europe Tour!! Dortmund!! Friends in Germany,and friends from other places thank you so much! Really touched! Still want to see you all!! What to do??!!! I’ll remember all every one of your faces!! Danke(Thanks)~Tchuss(Bye)~^^”

[Chinese Trans] “今天是欧洲演唱会的首出发!! 多蒙特!! 德国的朋友们,还有从各地赶来的朋友们非常感谢你们啊!很感动呀!还想见到你们!! 该怎么办呢??!!! (你们)一个个的样子我都会记住的!! Danke(谢谢)~Tchuss(再见)~^^”

Credit. ParkJungMinOfficial

Translation taken from 朴政珉吧_allforpjm
English Translated by Joan
Chinese Translated by 无责任翻译韩语BY阿四&德语BY机器君


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