[Update] So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun’s reps deny dating rumor [03.03.14]

Although it was reported that Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun were dating, both agencies have stepped out to deny such claims on March 3. However, there appeared to have been some confusion as to the facts and maybe some miscommunication.

A high-ranking representative of Kim Hyung Jun’s agency S-Plus Entertainment told Sports Seoul that the two had indeed dated after getting close through the drama ‘Sunshine Girl.’ During their relationship, they had broken up once and gotten back together, but the rep admitted to not knowing the exact details at the moment. However, after the reports went out, the same rep said that they had broken up just a few days before because it was hard on Kim Hyung Jun every weekend. 

So Yi Hyun’s agency Key East Entertainment told My Daily on March 3, “We heard that they were friendly while appearing together on KBS drama ‘Sunshine Girl.’ Even now, the two are close colleagues, but So Yi Hyun is not dating anyone right now.”

Kim Hyung Jun’s agency S-Plus Entertainment also told My Daily, “It is true he was close to So Yi Hyun, but they did not meet each other on intimate terms or date. It was said that the two had previously broken up and then started dating again, but we’ve confirmed that this was false. Both Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun have animated personalities so they actively maintained their friendship, and that is all.”

The previous S-Plus Entertainment rep also told Sports Seoul, “Because Kim Hyung Jun’s party did not talk about their positions with So Yi Hyun’s party, it appears his side felt burdened by acknowledging the dating rumor. I think So Yi Hyun’s’ side strongly raised objections against Kim Hyung Jun’s side.

So Yi Hyun’s agency called us and created a fuss. There were stuff that I said so I can’t deny anything, but since it’s awkward right now, I will just say they never dated for now.”

As you can see, things are still a bit fuzzy and unclear at the moment, but it appears both agencies have denied the dating rumor at the moment.

Cr: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/03/so-yi-hyun-and-kim-hyung-juns-reps-deny-dating-rumor


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