[Update] A Project by SS501 European Fan Club

A Project by SS501 European Fan Club

Dear Pretties! Together with Triple S Poland, Minniemal501 and Jjunland we decided to start quite a big project. We are not sure if it will work out but we really hope you will take a part in it. It doesn’t require your personal money, nor artistic skills. We only asking you to give a bit of time. You remember as boys told us not to waste money to voting on them, because they don’t want that kind of prize? That’s why this time our gift for boys doesn’t involve money from you. Please help us spread it and let’s make it happen.
We will be also accepting other websites, fanbases who wants to join! http://heart2heartproject.weebly.com/


We love them and support them. For many of us they are not only idols, but people who helped us through many painful, personal experiences. We know and understand, how many years they train for hours, diet, exercise and even going to extremes to follow their dreams. Always somehow, along the way us, fans become a part of that dream, almost like a family. From that moment, when the connection is born, we try to be there for them in return  for  the love they show us  trough their hard work. 

As they are working hard for us, as a thank you we would like to start a special project. We don’t want to send them expensive gifts, but do something more memorable, more special, that anyone, regardless of the age, can take a part in. Let’s show them our love through our open heart. 

Be inspired by a kpop artist- help those in need.

We dare you, yes dare you to take a step in changing the world! How we can do it? Project is simple:

·         This year we dare you to do something special such as:

–          Donate blood

–          Volunteer at animal or human shelter

–          Volunteer in orphanage

–          Take a part in charity run

–          Or any other project where you can simply help others

·         Send us proof of your activity (not to brag about it but to show us your open heart). It can be a picture or video of you giving blood, or taking part in the run, your personal story or short description. 

·         We want to show we represent our idol, so why not dress in your pretty fandom shirt, fandom colour or maybe wear a little badge, while you volunteer?

We will be collecting all pictures, videos, stories and organize a gallery. Each fandom will be also able to make a book, scrapbook, album or video for your idol as special gift – gift of many hearts.

Any websites/fan bases/fandoms who would like to join the project please contact us under heart.to.heart.fandom@gmail.com or use the contact form. All fan groups taking part in project will be listed on the main page with a logo, description and links!

Let’s “Imagine and dream. Then the world will change the way you want to it be” (Woohyun, Infinite)

We are currently working on logo that you will be able to put on your website and project’s banner! We will keep you updated!

Credit: http://heart2heartproject.weebly.com/about-project.html

*screenshot is done by me, the rest is tagged with credit! ThanKYU!*





One thought on “[Update] A Project by SS501 European Fan Club

  1. Sorry,I,am not a European..I,am from Philippines..I’m just only admiring your song.’because I ‘m stupid…or other song and coming because,i like the all singers of the band.

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