[Update] Park Jung Min Twitter Site Update [21.05.14]

@JungMin0403 앗! 실시간 검색어에 이름이!^0^ 기념으로 오랜만에 트윗!!^^ 새로운 일본 미니앨범 ‘Save us tonight’발매되었어요^^ 많이 들어주시고~!한국에서도 들을 수 있도록 할테니~좀만 기다려주세요^0^pic.twitter.com/9hx53Ds4pp

[Trans] @JungMin0304 ah! My name (appeared) on real-time search word!^0^ As a commemoration for that, here’s a tweet since a long time!!^^ New Japan mini album ‘Save us tonight’ has been released^^ Please listen to it lots~! And I’ll make it available to listen in Korea too~so please wait for awhile more^0^ 

Credit: @JungMin0403
Translated by @xiaochu1004


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