[Update/Photo] [140617] Kim Hyun Joong “HOT SUN” Handshake Meeting in Tokyo

★Date:2014 June 17th (Tue)
★ Location:Palette Town, Odaiba, Tokyo「Palette Plaza」
<Venue official H> http://www.palette-town.com/plaza/index.html
★CD start sales in the booth: 2014 June 17th (Tues) start 10:30 am.
★ Handshake meeting start time: start 2:00pm.
Cr: http://www.womaninsight.jp/archives/70772 + @eringi83 + http://weibo.com/khjperfect + @asian_hana + @loving_khj + http://weibo.com/u/2245436355 + @lyn0522 + @khj66_ + @pluto0606 + http://weibo.com/u/1880660087 + @khhala + @to_12912 + http://hot-korea.com/kpop/report.php?id=20140617 + http://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/news/photonews_nsInc_f-et-tp0-20140617-1319331.html + http://korepo.com/archives/40587 + http://hot-korea.com/kpop/report.php?id=20140617 + http://www.womaninsight.jp/archives/70772 + http://woman.infoseek.co.jp/news/neta/womaninsight_70938 + http://ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/23734 + http://www.asian-hana.com/2014/06/-4thhot-sun.html + http://mpost.tv/khj-hotsun0617-photo1/ + http://mpost.tv/khj-hotsun0617-photo2/ + http://weibo.com/murdererq

via Sakura Kim

*Please click on the photo to vie more! Thankyu!*


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