[Update] ThanKYU STAFF Twitter Site update [01.07.14]

@ThanKYU_STAFF 안녕하세요! ^^ 김규종씨 팬클럽 ThanKYU 담당자 입니다! 앞으로 김규종씨에 대한 소식들을 빠르게 소통하고자 계정이 개설되었으니 많은 팔로우와 관심 부탁드립니다! #김규종

[Trans] Hello!^^ this is person in charge of Kim KyuJong fan club ThanKYU! I’ve opened this account to be able to communicate news of KyuJong faster in the future so please follow and take note of us!

Credit: @ThanKYU_STAFF
Translated by @xiaochu1004

“To all SS501 fans and Kim Kyu Jong fans!!! Please follow @ThanKYU_STAFF for more/ latest updates of Kyu Jong! ThanKYU so much!!”


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