[Video] Park Jung Min – Han Love Interview [07.07.14]

Upload by 39min

QnA Translate

Translation by: yukyuk
Credit: Naomi Aikawa

Host: What is your favourite animal?

PJM: My favourite animal ~~~~ its not just one. The first one has always been with me. The second – perhaps that is what everybody calls me.

Host: Jung Min’s Fans know – it was said in Tower Records event. Do you know? How do they sound?

PJM: This ~~~~~~~ can’t be. I cannot do the sound. Its a secret.

PJM: the first is my current pet, Jeom Raeh. The second is a horse, his name is Sexy Charis Mal

Host: Your nickname is “horse”?

PJM: When I was with SS501, we were asked what animal we looked like. In Korean language, the word “speak” sounds like “horse” and “speak”, since I love to talk, they called me “Mal”


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