[Update/Info] Park Jung Min to play in the Japanese Musical “ifi”

Information via The ParkJungMin FC

[Info] Park Jung Min to play in the Japanese Musical “ifi” 

Chinese translation by 小宝 at ALLFORJM
English translation by aeternumin

It has been decided for Jung Min to play in the Japanese Musical “ifi”

Two endings to come out of one story.
A group of men and women who together experience the male and the female, the heaven and the earth, the other world and the present world, the inner and the outer, the fantasy and the reality.
Faced with choosing your destiny, what would happen if you have two roads you can choose from?
Two different scenarios and endings full of impact, gorgeous singing and dancing which shows a perfect performance.

The leading role will be played by Ranju Tomu who is making her first comeback after leaving Takarazuka Revue musical theater troupe, Jung Min will play a key character in the story.

In addition, starting from today, the FANCLUB accepts reservations in advance.
The FANCLUB will strive to get good seats for you, please be sure to support it!

[Tokyo Performances]
Date: September 5th (Friday) to 21st (Sunday)
Venue: Aoyama Theatre

[Osaka Performances]
Date: September 26th (Friday) to 28th (Sunday)
Place: Umeda Arts Theatre · Drama City

[Tokyo Performances] Aoyama Theatre 
September 5 (Friday) 19:00~
September 6 (Saturday) 13:00~/18:00~
September 7 (Sunday) 13:00~/18:00~
September 9 (Thuesday) 14:00~/19:00~
September 10 (Wednesday) 14:00~
September 11 (Thursday) 14:00~/19:00~
September 12 (Friday) 14:00~
September 13 (Saturday) 13:00~/18:00~
September 14 (Sunday) 13:00~/18:00~
September 17 (Wednesday) 19:00~
September 18 (Thursday) 14:00~/19:00~
September 19 (Friday) 14:00~
September 20 (Saturday) 13:00~/18:00~
September 21 (Sunday) 13:00~/18:00~

[Osaka Performances] Umeda Arts Theatre · Drama City 
September 26 (Friday) 14:00~
September 27 (Saturday) 12:00~/17:00~
September 28 (Sunday) 12:00~/17:00~

For more information about the performances, please click on the following link http://www.umegei.com/schedule/400/index.html


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