Kim Hyun Joong melted the Japanese fans in Korea-Japan Exchange Festival 2014 in Tokyo

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김현중_ kim hyun joong

About Korea-Japan Festival’s K-pop 2014 which took place on 28/9/2014 at Hibiya Park in Tokyo ..

It started from 5.30pm to 7.30pm JST .. 4 representative hallyu K-pop idols performed within the 2 hours, and 1 of them was Hyun Joong.
Cr: 5StarsAs1

k-pop guest performers were:
(5tion, LEDApple, Girl’s Day, Kim Hyun Joong) the four groups performances time was 2 hours .. and hyun joong was the last performer

Excerpt from the concert:

1- Even though KHJ appeared as a secret guest that day, the venue was crowded by fans who heard the rumor beforehand.
cr: : @AlienPrinceKHJ

2- venue turned into a sea of green when it was the time for HJ’s performance. Even fans who stood afar chanted ‘Kim Hyun Joong!’. Hyun Joong was also surprised many fans were there today because it was initially a ‘secret performance’.
cr: @5StarsAs1

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