[Update] Parkjungminofficial Europe Facebook Site Update (10.02.15) [12.02.15]

“Well, hoping Pretties around the world can give a ‘LIKE’ in support the page which they mention it was manage by the admins staff of the page and Jung Min himself. ThanKYU all!”

Message update from Parkjungminofficial Europe

[1st Message]

This page is an official “EUROPEAN” Facebook page with ParkJungMinOfficial himself in top of all the comments and all the posts.

We will try to do our best in order to reach our european fans
Thank you all~!!

[2nd Message]

“Hi everyone fans around the world,
We are very thankful for your support messages from way far from Europe as well.
We’ve got plenty of messages about if this is a fake one or a true page or else…
This is actually as mentioned an “OFFICIAL EUROPEAN” page managed by an european staff with a direct management of P.J.M himself.
(The last picture uploaded cannot be found anywhere else other than here…at least uploaded officially)
Now there’s gonna be more special pics only for the european page and we will try to make an online little event as soon as possible.
We would like to thank everyone of you and as this is an “official european” page, all the announcement will be managed here.
Hope to see you soon”
=From PJM European Staff=


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