[FA] 2015 Kim Kyu Jong Fanmeeting in Tokyo ‘Fine, ThanKYU’

By kelemama.wordpress.com , all credit is tagged. Thank you for sharing!

우린...끝까지 같이 가자

Found a Chinese fan sharing her FA after the fanmeeting and I shall share in English^^

FA shared by G33被晗晗迷得不要不要的@weibo + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits.

FM两个小时,歌曲,游戏,互动,整首唱了五首歌,有日文,有韩文,安可又加歌,SS501的胆小鬼,snow prince,dejavu,song for you,love like this的mix版,之前的五首里面有日文歌「星空」,没看够,我要去研究一下明天那场票还能买么[泪][泪][泪]今天满席[拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]

FM duration 2 hours, songs, games, interactions, full songs he sang 5 pieces, Jap songs, Kor songs, added songs during encore, medley of SS501’s Coward, Snow Prince, Deja Vu, Song For You, Love Like This. There’s ‘Hoshizora’ as one of the 5 full songs he sang. Full house today.


KJ talked a lot today, when he talked about a Jap word he learnt recently [kabe don] he said he didn’t do it before, then through the big screen he gave it a try, he said it looks like being drunk, then said he is not like that, Leader will be like that when he gets drunk, and even imitate Leader’s drinking speed, Kyu…

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