[Update/Article] 05.08.15 Heo Young Saeng’s Fan Meeting Sells Out [12.08.15]

[by Sora Ghim] Singer Heo Young Saeng sold out his solo fan meeting ‘0820: HELLO AGAIN’ immediately after tickets opened.

On August 4 at 8 PM KST, tickets were opened on Interpark. In just a minute, all of the seats were sold out, proving the ticket power of Heo Young Saeng.

Through CI ENT’s official SNS, Heo Young Saeng wrote a handwritten letter to his fans and posted the poster of the fan meeting.

Being discharged from the army last month on July 30, Heo Young Saeng signed with new agency CI ENT and has started activities. As long as it has been since he last greeted fans, news of his fan meeting and the ticket open received a heated response and interest.

Heo Young Saeng is currently preparing various corners and performances for his fans, to thank them for waiting a year and 10 months for his return. After his domestic fan meeting, he will hold one in Tokyo on September 5, greeting his overseas fans in a long time.

According to CI ENT, “We are very pleased and honored that yesterday’s (August 4) ticket open for Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting sold out. Heo Young Saeng is working hard to repay the fans who have a lot of interest and support for Heo Young Saeng’s first activity after being discharged from the army, so please have a lot of anticipation for Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting on August 29.”

Meanwhile, Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting will be held on August 29 at Sungshin Women’s University’s Woonjung Green Campus auditorium. (photo by CI ENT)

Credit: http://www.bntnews.co.uk/app/news.php?nid=24327

via: Young Saeng Facts


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