[Update/Article] Kim Hyung Jun Completes The Last Fan Meeting of His World Tour 10.08.15 [12.08.15]

Kim Hyung Jun Completes The Last Fan Meeting of His World Tour
Credit: http://www.bntnews.co.uk/app/news.php?nid=24448

Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun has completed his world tour ‘FNL.’

On August 8 in Chile, South America, Kim Hyung Jun held his ‘FNL’ world tour performance with about 2000 fans. He spent a warm time with the local fans, greeting them after a year and half in South America.

Starting in Mexico on July 31, he continued his world tour in Bolivia, Argentina, and lastly, Chile.

Before his last fan meeting began, the front of the performance venue was packed his Kim Hyung Jun’s fans. He appeared with his solo mini first album song ‘Not Another Woman But You,’ captivating the audience with his fancy performance.

He expressed his thanks to his fans for their heated cheers and continued to perform his other songs, even doing the featured rap himself. During the ‘Kim Hyung Jun’s facebook talk – tell me your wish’ corner, he answered the wishes of fans.

Kim Hyung Jun played games with his fans, took pictures and hugged the lucky selected, earning the envy of the rest of the crowd. He filled up the 2 hours with performances, corners and talks. His fan service was unending and he successfully wrapped up the last performance of his ‘FNL’ world tour.

According to CI ENT, “Kim Hyung Jun completed his ‘FNL’ world tour with the last Chile performance. We sincerely thank the fans for their heat and cheers in South America and Kim Hyung Jun will be active with promotions once his digital single ‘CROSS THE LINE’ is released on August 17. Please have a lot of interest and anticipation for his new song.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will come back to music after 2 years with his new digital single ‘CROSS THE LINE’ on August 17.

via: Siti Fatimah Zaharah‎


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