[Update/Article] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Mesmerizes 2,000 Fans At Bolivia Concert 06.08.15 [12.08.15]

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Mesmerizes 2,000 Fans At Bolivia Concert

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Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun successfully wrapped up his Bolivia concert on August 2. The Hallyu star performed for a crowd of 2,000 excited fans in La Paz.

He opened the concert by performing “No Other Woman but You” then shared his words on how special it felt to be back in Bolivia after 1 year and 6 months.

He also held a special event in which he interacted with his fans. When they requested tracks, Kim Hyung Jun surprised them by performing the requested tracks live. Kim Hyung Jun also received a surprise gift of his own from his fans during the concert. The Bolivia concert was held the day before Kim Hyung Jun’s birthday, so the fans decided to surprise him by preparing him a cake and a party.

Kim Hyung Jun left words of thanks on his Instagram account and posted, “Thank you for all those who celebrated my 29th birthday with me. I will always try to become a lovable person.”

After Kim Hyung Jun expressed his gratitude, he closed the concert with “U R Man” and a medley of SS501’s hit tracks. However, fans couldn’t hide their feelings of sadness and shouted “Encore,” and Kim Hyung Jun reappeared on stage to perform “Sorry I’m Sorry” and “Girl.”

“It has been 1 year and 6 months since Kim Hyung Jun visited Bolivia, but so many people came to see his concert and we’re really grateful for that. Kim Hyung Jun will continue his world tour and hold another great concert in Argentina on August 6. He will also make a comeback in Korea soon, so please keep supporting us, ” commented a source from Kim Hyung Jun’s agency CI ENT.

via: Siti Fatimah Zaharah‎


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