[Update/Celebration] Happy Chusoek By SS501ForeverBest[27.09.15]


Happy Chuseok to all my Triple S sisters and chingus, wishing all have a wonderful Chuseok 🙂

It been long time since I last online here last month! I want to say, I’m sorry that I can’t always online to do updates of our boyss, I still love them always…


I’m looking forward to next year of SS501 sub-unti comeback!!!!!! Waiting for the comeback stage, album and more…


No matter what others say about you, I still choice to believe you! You always the best Leader leading this awesome group!

Without you = Without SS501
Without SS501 = Without TRIPLE S
Without Triple S = Without Today

I want my 4Dness Leader back!
I want to see your sweet smile again!

Hopefully everything will goes smooth and well!

Last but not least.. Please take care and stay healthy in the army, please sleep well, eat well and don’t worries about us! We love you always and always supporting you! 😘


Now, all I want is to see all 5 of them reunion as SS501, have a comeback stages as a group, albums, concert tours and until forever!

Love, Snow from SS501ForeverBest

I don’t own any of the pictures above, all pictures are belong to respectful owners!

Thank you and Happy Chuseok!


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