[Celebrate/Anniversary] Happy Triple S 10th Year Anniversary [18.12.15]


Firstly, Happy Triple S 10th Year Anniversary to all Pretties around the world!!!!

To me, it have been 4 years since I been a Triple S but I really cannot remember which day, which month I become a Triple S, so I have decided that every year to today, 18 December will be my officially date that I join to be a part of the Green Families  ♡♡♡


In part of celebrate our 10th anniversary, I make this! And if you notice, one of the photo I put emoji on each of them… hope ya all will like it 🙂

Next one is… I just downloaded the app call SimSimi and the conversation between SS501 and Triple S.. the answer by SimSimi is Daebak!!!





I love that words “The best fandom in the universe” and “Best fans anyone could ever have” o(≧o≦)oo(≧o≦)o

Last but not least, enjoy our special day and don’t forget to trend our hashtag #HappyTripleS10thAnniversary

Love ya all!

#SS501 #TripleSDay


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