[Birthday Project] Heo Young Saeng Birthday Project By Eternal Greenpeas 12.10.16

Annoying to all my Triple S Pretties and Greenpeas, really long time never update here.. and I wanna say I’m sorry for not updating instead of updating my Instagram.

Now, the upcoming project is our Prince, Young Saeng’s birthday project by Eternal Greenpeas.

All of u are welcome to join the project, just follow the instructions on the pic and send your messages or edits to the email stated and you’re done.

(There is no limits on how many edits u want to send just remember to add your name n country)

U all can also follow the Instagram and Facebook group of Eternal Greenpeas

IG: eternalgreenpeas


Or you can follow my IG for more updates of our boys too

My IG: DoubleS501_301_sg_fanpage

Thankyu everyone and hope u all can participate the upcoming project! Love ya!😍😘😘😘


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