[Update/Instagram] Kim Kyu Jong at Instagram Update [11.12.16]

Trans cr: @xiaochu1004

@Regrann from @xiaochu1004  –  [Trans by @xiaochu1004]

Really thank you for the fan sign event yesterday and today ♡ All thanks to you all, weekend is warmmmm ♡ ^^ This is how I thought! How about that!! Came back home and read the letters, and suddenly have such thoughts~ Frankly there are times when I was busy and forgotten to read the letters and told myself to read them next time then forgot all about them again!! ㅠ So ~ how about writing me letters in forms of postcards?! Kkyak! I was thinking then I would be able to read them all..!! ^^ Anyway thank you very very much ♡ Let’s spend our Sunday night happily ~ ♡

Regrann from @jdream_kyujong –  어제 오늘 싸인회 정말 고마워요 ♡ 덕분에 주말 따뜻하네요오오 ♡ ^^ 이건 내 생각인데 ! 어떨까해요 !! 집에와서 편지들을 읽다보니 문득 든 생각인데 ~ 바빠서 깜빡하고 읽지 못 한 편지는 다음에 읽어야지 하다가 깜빡하는 경우도 솔직히 있어요 !! ㅠ 그래서 ~ 저에게 엽서에 편지써 주는거 어때요 ?! 꺅 ! 그럼 다 읽을 수 있지않을까 하는 그런 생각이옵니다아아.. !! ^^ 아무튼 넘넘 고마워요 ♡ 일요일 밤 행복하게 보내자아아요오 ~ ♡ – #regrann  


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