SS501 pronounced as Double-S Five-Oh-One or Deo Beul E Seu Oh Gong Il

SS501 stand for

1st “S” stand for  Superstar

2nd ” S ” stand for Singer

“501” stand for “the five members united as one forever”

SS501 official fan club name is TRIPLE S 

TRIPLE  S stand for Super  Star  Supporters”

SS501 debuted on 8 June 2005 and leaving DSP media at June 2010

On the 2011 they all went on as solo artist

Leader Hyun Joong – starred in the leading role as Beak Seung Jo in PLAYFUL KISS

Kim Kyu-jong & Heo Young Saeng starred in the ” SUMMER  LOVE  “

Park Jung Min – comeback as solo album ” NOT ALONE “

Maknae Hyung jun – January 2011, according to Kim Hyung Jun’s official Japanese homepage, he signed with Avex Entertainment for his Japanese activities.  On 8 March 2011 Hyung Jun released his debut solo mini album My Girl with music videos for the two lead tracks “oH! aH!” and “Girl”. Where Park Jung Min visited Kim Hyung jun during the music video shoot for “Girl”.

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2 thoughts on “SS501

  1. I love ss501 so much that I wish they could return and meet them one day although im just 12 years old I love and I wil always support them ps im shy but I wil talk to them if they get in my way I wish I could stay with them for a month so I can meet them very well and teach me new things

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