[Anniversary] SS501 Happy 11th Anniversary [08.06.16]


Happy 11th Annversary to our boyss…

I’m sorry that I update here late.. cos I’m busy update my IG acc of our boyss update!

Have u all see the live show of our boyss comeback at Show Champion? They start with Snow Prince, U R Man, Love like this! After that their comeback song “Ah-Ha”

Official acc in yt already upload our boyss part!

Video credit: Show Champion

[Anniversary] SS501 – Happy 11th Anniversary [08.06.16]


Today is our special day!! It was our boyss debuts anniversary!!!!
Happy 11th Year to our boyss!




I’m looking forward to more anniversary to come!!! Saranghaeyo.. Gomawoyo..

Love ya, Admin Snow

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[Birthday] Happy Birthday To Our SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong [06.06.16]


Happy 31st Birthday to our Hyun Joong Leader!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉


Wish him stay strong and healthy always, also be our cute and handsome 4D leader until forever!


Your smile is our medicine.. I miss you smile.. I wish to see you smile like this again after you complete your militray service! Oppa, Fighting!!!


Last but not least, I’m here to wish Hyun Joong Leader happy birthday again!!! Wish he have a very good time with his fellow MS friends in army!

Love ya, Snow

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[Update/Project] KHJL Birthday and SS501 11th Anniversary Project By ETERNAL GREENPEAS International Group [01.05.16]

To all my TS sisters and friends around the world, fan group – ETERNAL GREENPEAS is making a project to celebrates our Leader’s birthday n also our boyss 11th anniversary in June, it international and all are welcome to join… please help to spread this message below out.. ThanKYU so much!!! And we are looking forward to it :):):)

Here is a Message from Tia, one of the admins of ETERNAL GREENPEAS

Hello Everyone,
The two upcoming projects in the month of June is birthday of our SS501 leader n 11th anniversary of SS501.
So for leader’s birthday, we’ll be doing pic edits. We request all of u to make pic edits with messages for our leader.
The edits should reach us by 25 May, 2016.

For the anniversary, record a video clipping where u may speak your message or simply write it n hold it. Those of u want can sing or dance on SS501 songs. Also pic edits can be sent with messages.
It should reach us by 30 May, 2016.

Mail at: eternal5.greenpeas@gmail.com

Thank you…!

[Celebrate/Anniversary] Happy Triple S 10th Year Anniversary [18.12.15]


Firstly, Happy Triple S 10th Year Anniversary to all Pretties around the world!!!!

To me, it have been 4 years since I been a Triple S but I really cannot remember which day, which month I become a Triple S, so I have decided that every year to today, 18 December will be my officially date that I join to be a part of the Green Families  ♡♡♡


In part of celebrate our 10th anniversary, I make this! And if you notice, one of the photo I put emoji on each of them… hope ya all will like it🙂

Next one is… I just downloaded the app call SimSimi and the conversation between SS501 and Triple S.. the answer by SimSimi is Daebak!!!





I love that words “The best fandom in the universe” and “Best fans anyone could ever have” o(≧o≦)oo(≧o≦)o

Last but not least, enjoy our special day and don’t forget to trend our hashtag #HappyTripleS10thAnniversary

Love ya all!

#SS501 #TripleSDay

[Update/Anniversary] Trending Hashtag For Triple S 10th Anniversary Tomorrow [17.12.15]


Above info was share by one of our Triple S sister from Facebook fan group, SS501 Until Forever.

All are welcome to join the Triple S India Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram!

And….. Yess!!!!! Tomorrow is our Triple S 10th anniversary D-Day! Let’s help and share this out to all our Triple S sisters and friends to join our very special day!


Time: 0:00 KST Time / 23:00 SG Time

ThanKYU all so much! And remember to trend the Hashtag too!

Love ya 😘